We consider ourselves the Australian Film Rigging Specialists.
Since our inception in 1998 we have managed the Rigging on most major film production in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland.

The Tri-Point Directors were all career Riggers before moving into film and we have drawn from this diverse experience base to develop our Film Rigging expertise. With Tri-Point co-ordinating the Rigging for your production, you are ensured that the rigging will be safe, reliable, installed on time and cost effective.

Tri-Point can be involved from the floor (or below with a tank set up), to the roof grid and above. We can design, supply and install your Rigging and have vast previous experience in providing the following:

  • Art Department - set support scaffold, scaffold rostrum, underwater rostrum, flown or ground supported ceilings or backings, tab track, heavy duty track, practical access, safe working access, handrails etc.
  • Lighting – suspended or ground supported truss or scaffold tube grids, indoor and outdoor light boxes, mobile or fixed scaffold towers, boom and scissor lift fit-outs and operation, truss frames to support scrims, sail cloths, drapes and camouflage netting.
  • Camera - decking, moving or locked-off truss, winch or counterweighted descender rigs, 2 axis travelling suspended or track mounted camera rigs, harnesses for camera crew and safeties for camera gear.
  • Grips – all rigging, scaffold decking, underwater decking, ramps, BOMAC track systems, drapes, tarps, crane decks, practical access, stair access, handrails, harnesses, counterweight.
  • Special FX – all rigging, winches, decking, scaffold, truss, heavy-duty lifting equipment, flying systems, track and trolley systems, counterweight.
  • Stunts – all rigging, winches, ropes & pulleys, ramps, flying systems, counterweight.
  • VFX – a huge range of Digital Green and Digital Blue screens, truss frames, flown or ground supported screens vertical or horizontal and coving. Supply and install or dry hire.
  • Unit - decking, stair access, handrails, weather proofing, essentials hides, cast vehicle fit-outs, road ply.


Tri-Point's Directors all have a solid background in Concert Staging and Rigging:

  • Graeme Dew was Touring Crew Boss for too many stage systems to mention over a period of more than a decade, all over the world.
  • Warren Jones was Touring Crew Boss for various stage systems throughout the US, Europe and Australia/NZ, toured with hundreds of bands through the 80s and 90s, and was the Touring Rigger for U2 from 1985 to 1998.
  • Dave Hird toured as a Staging Rigger throughout Europe, the US and Australia/NZ through the early 90s.

Since forming Tri-Point Rigging Services we have designed, supplied and installed complete stages for a variety of concerts and events. We have both CLS and Tomcat Ground Support Trussing systems and a variety of roof skins.

Tri-Point Rigging supply staging and rigging crew consistently and reliably in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and as required overseas.

Major outdoor shows we have supplied crew for include: U2 tours in 2001 and 2006, The Rolling Stones, Green Day, Big Day Out 2002 to 2009, (Sydney and Melbourne), Andre Rieu, The Police, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Robbie Williams, Jamiroquai.

Our expertise is knowing all Entertainment Riggers Australia wide and being able to attract the right crew to the job. Our crews have a balance of experience and enthusiasm and work with a safe attitude, with the mind set of getting the job done safely and quickly.


Tri-Point has supplied crew and equipment for major Australian events including the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, Rugby World Cup Sydney 2003, Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games and Melbourne 2007 World Swimming Championships.

Tri-Point supplied and installed support trussing for Aerial Camera Systems at the 2006 Australian Swimming Titles in Brisbane.

We are currently in partnership with In Motion Camera Systems providing support towers for their suspended camera system at various motor racing venues Australia wide.

We have rigged challenges for Big Brother Friday Night Live, MTV’s Fear Factor, MTV's Real World Challenge in Queenstown New Zealand, and The Biggest Loser.


Tri-Point has a modular stage decking system, a Plettac stage decking system, and a variety of stage roof options up to a 15m span. We have both CLS and Tomcat Ground support truss systems and a variety of roof skins.

Tri-Point has designed and installed stages for the Mundine/Green Championship Fight at the Sydney Football Stadium, the Queens Baton Relay Arrival Stage in Melbourne CBD, Hillsong Convention at Homebush RAS 2006 and the Engadine Dragons Junior Presentation Stage 2001 - 2005.


Tri-Point also provides scaffolds for general and specialised access solutions. We work regularly with AJ Grant Building Services providing access for emergency storm repairs, maintenance of schools and other public buildings, access for painters in regular and unusual situations, domestic renovations access, as well as general building site access.

We have undertaken various maintenance projects for the Sydney Opera house and many other Sydney sites.

We utilise Kwikform system scaffold, tube and fit scaffold and Instant mobile alloy towers to provide access in varied and unique situations for home renovators, builders, bricklayers/renderers, roofers and gutterers, painters etc.

We have approached these projects with the same basic principles we apply to all our work. Reliability, efficiency and cost effectiveness.


Tri-Point has considerable experience with suspended camera systems and is the Australian representative for Spydercam.

Spydercam is generally regarded as the premium suspended camera system in the world, with a proven track record internationally and a long list of credits. Spydercam offers an accurate, repeatable, fully computer-controlled system.

Tri-Point can create a more basic, winch driven traverse system combined with manual elevation to achieve less complex but more cost effective shots. We can also design and install descender rigs with either manual or winch controlled descent and reset.


Tri-Point can supply machine operators on an hourly, daily or weekly basis.

Tri-Point crew are experienced, licenced and certified to operate a variety of machinery including boom lifts, scissor lifts, fork lifts, telescopic handlers, non-slewing cranes and also to drive trucks.


Over our 15 years in business we have been called upon to undertake some weird tasks. We have wrapped the David Jones Sydney City store in a huge ribbon for Christmas, covered the Sydney stock exchange with a banner, built an access deck under the Sydney Opera house, flown flags of all nations in front of Sydney Museum, built a scaffold as a temporary radio broadcast antenna on top of the highest building in North Sydney, decorated the huge Christmas tree in Darling Harbour and blacked out more venues that we care to remember...




Stage for Ghostrider at Melbourne Show Grounds, 2006


Screen Supports for Red Bull X Fighters, 2012



Anish Kapoor's 'Sky Mirror' sculpture, 10m in diameter, being installed at the Museum of Contemporary Art, 2012